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Stopping Superstores and Chains

Large scale superstores and chain stores displace independent shopkeepers who are a mainstay of communities, and they pave over open space and drain the vitality of older shopping districts. This page lists groups working to stop superstores and chains.

  • Sprawl Busters: The site of Al Norman, a political consultant in Greenfield, MA, who helps communities stop big-box stores. This site contains information on anti-chain groups nationwide and on his sprawl-busting activities.

McLibel Lawsuit

In England, McDonald's sued five Greenpeace activists for libel when they allegedly distributed leaflets attacking the company's employment practices, the nutritional value nf its food, and other features of its operations. Apparently, this giant chain store, which people world-wide consider a symbol of America, is trying to show Britain that Americans do not believe in free speech. Two activists decided to fight the lawsuit, and the McLibel trial became the longest running trial in British history.

You can get information about McLibel, McDonald's and other Multinationals, on:

  • McSpotlight which has extensive information on McDonald's.
McSpotlight also includes an extensive list of anti-McDonalds and anti-chain campaigns in other countries.